Founderie Sime S.p.A., hereby warrants that any parts or components of new SIME branded products will be supplied free of defects in material or wor- kmanship. Founderie Sime S.p.A. will repair or, at its option, replace the component part under the condition outline below. Equipment returned for warran- ty consideration will be evaluated by Founderie Sime S.p.A. or Thermal Hydronic Supply Ltd. Undue care taken during handling may void the warranty.

1. General Warranty Conditions for SIME Branded Products
SIME branded products are guaranteed for two years from the date of acquisition and/or installation (based on invoice or other financial document). In the absence of an invoice or fiscal document, the warranty shall be for a maximum of 2 1/2 years from the date of manufacture of the product. The date of manufacture can be determined from the first four digits of the 10-digit serial number:

Example: 3707301201
The first two digits, in this case 37, correspond to the year 2007 and
The next two digits, in this case 07, correspond to Week 7 of the production year.

2. Extended warranty for SIME branded products sold in Canada
Extended warranties for certain parts apply only in Canada:

  • 10 years on the cast iron element of oil or gas boilers
  • 3 years on the cast iron element of solid fuel boilers
  • 5 years on the copper heat exchangers (primary and secondary)
  • 10 years on the stainless steel heat exchangers in condensing boilers
  • 5 years on the stainless steel ECS mantle
  • 3 years on the vitrified steel ECS mantle, provided the magnesium anode is inspected yearly
  • 2 years on the other elements, such as the heater blanket, accessories, etc.
  • 1 year on replacement parts under this extended warranty.

3. Exclusions under warranties §1 and §2 for SIME branded products

  • Scaling, impurities or other deposits in the water feed circuit due to lack of treatment, filtration or incorrect installation
  • Scaling, impurities or other deposits in the waste water circuit due to lack of treatment, filtration or incorrect installation
  • Breakage during transport, lack of water, freezing, fire, theft, storm, vandalism, corrosion, condensation, poorly performed descaling, sludging, ineffective chimneys, insufficient or improper ventilation, presence on site of any other equipment which may discharge noxious or dangerous gases, improper evacuations and discharges, improper use of the equipment, installation in an unsuitable place.
  • Normal wear, such as anodes, circulators, gas regulators, diaphragms, etc.
  • Failure to follow maintenance instructions for the product, according to the applicable laws
  • Failure to follow applicable standards of electrical installation, hydraulic assembly and fuel feed
  • Failure to follow the instructions in the product documentation
  • Damage caused during assembly, disassembly or modification of SIME products by persons other than Thermal Hydronic Supply Ltd. personnel
  • Lack of invoice or fiscal document (in the case of §2 extensions only)
  • This warranty does not cover the labour and shipping costs associated with installing a repaired component or replacement of a boiler.

4. Important information

  • The extended warranties mentioned in §2 cover the replacement of the part found to be defective; transportation, labour and taxes are the client's responsibility
  • Replacement of a portion or all of the parts of SIME branded products and/or original accessories does not change the original validation date, effec- tive date or duration of the warranty
  • Thermal Hydronic Supply Ltd. is the sole company authorized by Founderie Sime S.p.A. Italy to execute the warranty work outlined above.




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