Reduce your gas bill:

Sime boilers are much more efficiency in turning fuel into heat, so you ned less fuel to heat your water and home which saves you money.  How this works is our Sime high efficiency condensing boilers utilizes less gas during operation.  Conventional systems operate at around an efficiency rate of 50% to 60%, whereas Sime condensing boilers are up to 97% - i.e. for every $1.00 spent on gas $0.97 is converted to actual heat.  This adds up to significant savings on annual gas bills, which will enable you to quickly recoupe the intial outlay for the boiler and benefit from the extra savings. 

Reduces your carbon footprint:

Sime boilers are less of a burden on the environment with significantly lower CO & NOx emmissions.  The less fuel you burn for heating and hot water, the less CO2 you will release into the atmosphere.

SIME boilers are adaptable making the most inefficent system efficient: 

Sime boilers are not only suited for underfloor heating with a low temperature gradient (hydronic heating) they are also suitable for systems with a higher temperature gradient (i.e. forced air applications, old rad systems ... etc) making it possible to use them even in older heating systems. 

Sime's high efficiency condensing boilers are not only the "Greener" way to heat your home and hot water, it is fast becoming a lifestyle here in North America.  To learn more about our "Green" technology and how it can help you save money and become more profitable in the future contact our offices at 905.265.1527.      


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