At SIME we stick to the real meaning of the word "Partnering", working closely with our clients to ensure we are always communicating with the main objective at the forefront "Continuous Improvement" constantly looking for ways to make things better.

Looking for benefits for both partners and delivering not just what the partner expects, but exceeding those expectations.

We add value to partnerships that enable them to grow.  A "SIME" partnership has to work for both partners.  Or it’s not a real partnership.  

At SIME, we continue to develop an excellent reputation, built solidly around the key requirements of ALL our trade partners, - quality, reliability, energy efficiency and excellent global support services.

These are crucial elements that cement the long term nature of commitment, particularly in ensuring continuing high standards of service, maintenance and spares availability, with re-training of local staff where appropriate.

We’d like to work with you and share our vision for an energy efficient future in a way that makes the years ahead better for your organization and more importantly, for all the people for whom you provide.

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