SIME is committed it minimize environmental impacts throughout its production and delivery channel.

Our production facilities are ISO 14001 certified.

We continuously improve, and do so with environmental consequences top of mind.

We meet or exceed legislative codes and practices in all our activities.

We incorporate cleaner technologies into our business development. activities and have established contingency plans in the unlikely event of environmental incidents.

A key attribute of our product design is its environmental impact.

We constantly strive to minimize the use of energy and materials in the creation and delivery of our products.

Our processes are regularly reviewed with a view to minimize environmental risk and hazard.

We re-use and recycle wherever possible, and where we cannot, we dispose of in an environmentally responsible manner.

We take on the responsibility for promoting an understanding of the relevant environmental issues of our business among our employees, contractors and suppliers, as well as providing relevant training to encourage environmental responsibility.

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