SIME’s hallmark is its technology.  For over 50 years, its deep commitment to innovation and quality, as exemplified by being the first company to produce a cast iron plate radiator and a cast iron gas boiler equipped with an atmospheric burner, have placed it at the forefront of the leading European boiler manufacturers.

To this day, it continues to supply other boiler manufacturers with cast iron heat exchangers.

In 1996, Sime produced the first ‘green’ gas boiler with a pre-mixed air to gas mixture and low NOx emissions. This was followed, in 1998, by the Planet Dewy line of wall hung boilers, equipped with an ‘intelligent’ control system that maximizes comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

Our most recent series of boilers, the Murelle line, incorporates more sophisticated controls, internet compatible functionality, and the ability to seamlessly integrate boiler technology with solar thermal technology.

Presently, SIME is one of the first boiler companies to go ‘beyond boilers’, having launched the SIME Substation in 2011 at the London Olympic Village.  The SIME Substation reduces overall building heating energy and improves building aesthetics.

SIME has always invested and continues to invest in research and development, to ensure that it retains its well established reputation for leading edge products with the highest possible standard of quality.

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